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About Us

Do you work for your practice, instead of your practice working for you?  Unable to sleep? Not engaging with your family the way you want to? Spending too much of your time worrying about administrative headaches?

You know that you provide great clinical care… but you cringe when you hear patient complaints about the administrative side of your practice.

Intuitively, you know there is a better way. Something has to change. But you’re so busy keeping the ship afloat, that you never get to get to pause to strategically reconfigure your business.

It occurs to you that maybe you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You shouldn’t need to go through the painful process of trial and error.

Instead, you can tap into the expertise of someone who does this all the time.

But who can you trust?

Not the stuffy consultants who have never run a medical practice.

The sales reps flooding your inbox with “shiny new tech objects” aren’t the answer either.

So who can you trust?

What You Need.

What you need is a doer. Someone who has actually run medical clinics before. Someone who has harnessed 20 years of hands-on provider experience to create proven systems– Approaches that have been used to get great results for medical practices like yours.

  • Imagine getting new patients into your practice…even when the office is closed.
  • Imagine KNOWING that your practice is running smoothly, even when you’re not there.
  • We LOVE helping our clients create a more efficient, patient-friendly medical office—one they would want to visit as a patient.
  • We RELISH helping our clients eliminate busy work that doesn’t generate revenue.
  • We LOVE finding new streams of revenue for your practice.

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We offer solutions for any budget.

If you want my team to take care of it for you, we will.

If you want to “DIY”— and just need the keys to the car—you can use our online training to learn HOW —step by step—while accessing all of our tools and templates.

Take advantage of a FREE, one time Discovery Call for potential new clients.

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Labor Pains? Get the Staff You Need…PRN.

Front desk turnover for physician-owned medical practices is 34 percent, according to MGMA (2019). Is turnover causing chaos in your practice?

  • Are you frustrated by constantly having to train and re-train staff?
  • Do you just want some occasional help with credentialing?
  • Maybe you have a position that is difficult to keep filled and you are looking for creative solutions.
  • Perhaps you would rather have someone else create job postings, recruit, and interview candidates.
  • Or perhaps you’re not sure exactly how many people your truly need. We can help you determine the optimal staffing based on your practice’s volume and other factors.

Did you just hire someone? Great! You’ll increase the chances of a successful hire and save time and money by having access to role-based training, operations manuals, and policies and procedures in place. We offer affordable solutions.

EMR Selection and EMR Optimization


“I love my EMR/PM System!” -said no physician, ever.

We have found a niche helping providers LOVE their EMR… you know, the one they thought they hated?

We quickly dig into how you’re using your EMR, so we can identify the gaps between the way you are currently using your EMR/PM system and  optimal use. These “gaps” are costly and make your workflow clunky and frustrating for you and your staff.

Even top-performing practices with good EMRs often have opportunities to streamline processes—allowing you to see more patients and convert more potential new patients. You might have set up your EMR perfectly on day one…But as you use it over the years, here’s what typically happens:

  • New features are released, but you don’t know about them. No one reads release notes. Plus most people are
  • Employees come and go and the initial EMR training becomes diluted
  • New staff bring in work flows and methods from previous jobs which are not a fit for your current EMR / practice management system

Yes, there are some “bad apple” EMRs that need to go.  If it turns out that your EMR is not keeping up—that it can’t meet today’s minimum requirements—I have great news for you:

What if you could get one of several top of the line systems for free? Yes, many EMR companies will now give you their software for free.  Over the years we have worked with several EMR/PM systems, and we know which ones work and which ones impose costly limitations on medical practices.