Do you know what your medical practice market share is? Would you like to see how many procedures competing surgeons are doing? Are you working on a medical practice start up pro forma? Maybe you just want a free mailing list of potential referring physicians. Good news! Free data is at your fingertips. In this video I show you how to find it, plus ways to use it…

This week we’re showing you how to navigate and query CMS’s Provider Utilization Files (“PUF” data). This week we’re focused on uses for physician practices.

If you find that you’re not into sifting through data on government websites, or manipulating it in Excel, and you just want the final product– Let us know. We can help you. Our pricing is fair and reasonable. Schedule a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call–Just pick a time that works for you in our online scheduler.

Physician Market Share Data

This data set includes Medicare (FFS) only. It does not include commercial payers. However, if you have a fairly consistent Medicare FFS payer mix across your market, this data can be used to approximate the market share of each physician or medical group. Each physician’s share of Medicare patients can be expressed as a percent of total Medicare patients, and physicians can be rolled up to the medical group level to calculate the group market share.

Competitive Research

Want to know what your competitors are doing? The PUF files provide CPT codes and quantities charged. So if you’re an orthopedic surgeon and want to know how many rotator cuff repairs each physician in your market does, you’ll be able to see that. Similarly, you can see who’s attracting the new patients in your market by seeing who has the most new patient E/M codes.

We have also used this data to identify which other services competing practices provide. For example, we compared an infectious disease specialist’s charges to a competitor’s and found numerous items that could generate additional revenue.

Medical Practice Start Ups

Are you working on a medical practice startup? Not sure how to project CPT level volumes for your new medical practice financial projections? We have used this data to get the CPT level activity of similar specialists in a particular area. For example, if you have a dermatology start up practice, you can query the activity of all dermatologists in a specific area to project your procedure mix.


Are you familiar with “bell curve analysis”? This is a way to know if you might be a target for over-coding visits, or if you might be losing revenue from under-coding. You can compare your E/M code bell curves to an aggregate of similar specialists in the U.S., your state, or your city.

Free Referring Physician Mailing Lists

Are you a new specialist in town? Want a list of primary care physicians to reach out to? Do you want to export a mailing list? We have used these files to create mailing lists.


These are just a few uses of this free, publicly available data. You are limited only by your imagination! That said, there are a few limitations to be aware of. Remember that this is Medicare FFS data, so if you are trying to find data on a cash services, such as concierge medicine, or other non-covered cash procedures, then this is not the place to look. Also, government claims data lags behind about 2 years. So if a huge new medical group just moved into your area, you won’t see their data immediately. If your market is fairly stable and mature, consisting of the same players, then this data will be more relevant.

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