URGENT– Time is running out for providers to “attest” on the government’s site– a “fine print” requirement for keeping the stimulus money that was handed out over the last few weeks. A second round of stimulus “grant” money (money that does not have to be repaid) just became available. But providers have to take action to get it. Here’s how:


If you saw Medicare Fee for Service Patients in 2019, you should have seen a direct deposit to your operating account labeled “HHS STIMULUS” or “HHS PAYMENT”. This is not a loan- this is a “grant” to help providers weather the COVID19 crisis. But here’s the fine print: You must attest within 30 days, or you could lose your relief funds. Fortunately attesting is EASY. All you have to do to attest is to go to the CMS site and confirm you received the money and that you’ll abide by some basic terms and conditions. You’ll need your tax ID number. (Actually, you have to attest even if you don’t want the funds. But we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want them.)

Here is the link to attest: https://covid19.linkhealth.com/#/step/1

CARES Act Provider Relief


GOOD NEWS– CMS is now in the process of distributing an ADDITIONAL $20 billion in provider relief. This is in addition to the payment you received last week or a couple of weeks ago. However, this won’t just fall into your account automatically—You have to request your money. To estimate your amount, take your individual provider 2018 net revenue and divide by 2.5 trillion, then multiply the result by 50 billion. Hope your calculator has enough digits.

To get the NEW round of ADDITIONAL provider relief funds, you must submit requested information HERE.

This time you’ll need more than just the tax ID number. You’ll need:

  • Your most recent tax return
  • 2018 Gross Receipts or Program Service Revenue (must match the tax return)
  • An estimate of COVID related losses (for example, this year’s MM/YY revenue compared to the same period of the prior year, actual vs. budget, etc.) COVID losses could be due to stay home orders, cancellation of elective procedures, etc.

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Here is the link to attest: https://covid19.linkhealth.com/#/step/1