Hospice Consulting Services

Looking for an experienced hospice consultant? We help organizations small and large, both for-profit and nonprofit, with the business side of hospice.

About Us
  • Hospice Start-up Consulting. Need help starting a hospice business? We have helped start-up hospices develop business plans and financial projections.
  • Hospice Certificate of Need (CON) Applications . We have experience writing compelling CON applications.
  • Larger hospice systems. We enjoy participating in strategic planning, financial planning and analysis, and workflow optimization for multi-hospice, larger post-acute health systems.


  • Mergers and Integrations. We bring experience in integration planning as well as merging operations when one hospice organization acquires another.
  • Small hospices. Smaller hospice organizations often lack the more specialized skill sets found within the finance and marketing departments of larger post-acute health systems. We provide the expertise you need, only when you need it, complementing your team. We help out with special projects or seasonal needs, such as budgeting, strategic planning, and operational improvement projects.
  • Palliative Care Consulting. We help out with the business side of outpatient palliative care.


  • Productivity systems. We bring in depth knowledge of hospice labor planning and optimization.

“No margin, no mission”

Hospice provides valuable services to both patients and their families, which is why hospice organizations are some of our favorite clients to work with. We’re passionate about helping hospices succeed, so they can fulfill their mission and impact more lives.  We can help you map—then optimize— your operational processes, from the initial referral to payment, to drive better financial results.

We can also help you quantify the benefits of your hospice services—the community benefit hospice provides… the benefits that “upstream” providers get when they refer patients to hospice, etc.

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