340B Program Consulting

All 340B Program consulting services are provided through our partner, Ravin Consultants, LLC.

About Us

Conrad Healthcare has worked closely with Ravin Consultants since 2018 Helping 340B Covered Entities to:

Increase 340B Savings by 800%, on average, in the first 2 years

Establish 340B Program Eligibility

Conduct 340B Mock Audits and external audits, designed to mirror actual HRSA audit tools and procedures.

Ravin stands apart from all other 340B Consultants because of a holistic approach to 340B savings. While other firms treat 340B as strictly a pharmaceutical program, 340B savings and compliance are impacted by multiple facets of operations: Finance, Human Resources, Patient Access, Clinic Workflows…

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Ravin Consultants’ focus area is grantees:

  • FQHCs and FQHC lookalikes
  • Ryan White Grantees
  • Section 318 STD grantees

However, Ravin can also assist hospitals and other healthcare consulting firms who are seeking more specialized 340B expertise for their clients.

To learn more about Ravin Consultants 340B services, just fill out the form on this website. Or you can visit Ravin Consultants directly at www.RavinConsultants.com.